Takeover Tuesdays: Taking over your city/task list, forming tiny habits, and transformation


Who doesn’t want to take over the world? Well first, you have to take over your community or city and make them be your little Bestie. Whether that’s attending a Tedx Talk, talking to a group of like minded people, or going to a networking mixer, just put on your best #OOTD (outfit of the day for all you Non-Millenials) and show up somewhere! Go out and spread awareness for your brand, projects and ventures, or whatever it is that you do! Remember to make lasting impressions and not letting people forget you buy handing out your business cards.

You can get 50 free awesome cards from Moo.

TIP: Skip the boring, kind of intrusive, and judgmental question, “so what do you do?” Instead, ask them, “what do you like do for fun?” By seeing what people enjoy, it opens up room for some common ground and getting a sense of who they are. Then you can share your world domination plans if appropriate and see how you guys can be each others accomplices ;]

Take on your To-do List: just VERBERIZE it. 

If you’re like most of us, you’re just trying to get your life together. To do this, “Verberize” a list of tasks that you want to execute. “Verberizing” your to-do list means instead of saying broad things like “Organize an event” which is way too overwhelming, start by using small, do-able verbs such as “Create a flyer.” If you’re a busy bee and have tons of projects on your hands, give each project 1 hour, and just zone in on accomplishing that single task. It is much easier to focus on 1 task or venture at a time when you’re dedicating a whole hour to that instead of trying to get everything done all at once.

Watch Marie Forleo on how to get more done on your to-do list here!

Tiny Habits

Like myself, I love all things tiny: homes, hobbies, and habits. (also alliteration and acronyms).

I recently watched a Ted Talk about Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg aka one of the “top 10 guru’s you should know” deemed by Fortune Magazine. Fogg challenges you to forget about big change and think smaller. Instead of “getting in shape,” for the new year, you can try doing just ONE push up a day. The formula is to take a habit that you already do everyday such as drinking water and adding a tiny new habit such as doing one push up. By doing one push up, this ignites you to start wanting to do more. By the next day, you could do 2 push ups everytime you drink something and after one week, you could be doing 21 pushups (if you did 3 sets of 7) and therefore have done a whole set of extra push ups you never would’ve done in the first place.

View the Ted Talk here.


On Instagram, sometimes people do #TransformationTuesdays. If you’re like me and don’t like to post a ton of things on there, you could just write about how much you’ve grown and transformed. Sometimes, we exhaust ourselves, always striving for the most, when really, we’ve already come a long way. Reflecting on the past, acknowledging the present, and dreaming of the future is key. Write about your life goals. Don’t be afraid to dream big here. Speak things into existence. We live in an era where anything is truly possible and technology is on an exponential uprise. We are co-creating our future together. Let’s make it something magical.

With tons of tidbits of info,

❤ Ricie.

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