Start it Over Sundays: SUNDAY FUNDAY.


Today is for some fun in the sun (or shade) with family & friends. If you didn’t get to have any fun this week, today is just for that. Each and every Sunday of this summer, enjoy a free concert called Sunset Sessions at Park Tavern Hosted by Radio 105.7 Take advantage of this amazing concert from 7-11pm!

After you’re done jamming out, it is time to do something I call “Start New Changes Sundays.” Get out that journal that you love so much and reflect on how your week went. Record your favorite memories or some things that could have played out better. You know how people love doing those 30 day challenges?  Some of those sounds good in theory, but how many people actually end up doing all 30 days? I want you to challenge yourselves and write down just one tiny habit you would like to start implementing and try it for just one week. For instance, I gave up soda for one week. Then the next Sunday, I will give up one more weakness in edition to my previous challenge. You’ll be amazed at the things you can accomplish just by setting small attainable goals. Then once you get in the habit of disciplining yourselves, you can tackle the 30 day challenges.

Now that I’ve blogged on how to tackle any day of the week, that’s a pretty good itinerary to keep you on track and if you make this a weekly habit, by the end of this month and year, there’s nothing you won’t be able to do!

Let’s get it!

❤ Rice God

If you have tried any of this or want to share something cool that you’ve done to improve your week, feel free to comment below with your fellow #RiceGang!


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