Make Magic Happen Mondays: via Motivation, Meal Prepping, and Music Videos.


Sometimes, magic doesn’t happen on its own and you have to kick-start a few things to help it come your way. Start your day by doing the #320 rule. By exercising for 20 minutes, you’ve got endorphin’s flowing and spilling out of you for the rest of the world to pick up. By writing down your intentions for 20 minutes, you have organized your thoughts and gained clarity. By learning for 20 minutes, you can now update your compartment of random fun facts or life hacks to share! Blow your meetings out of the park by showing up super enthusiastic! While everyone are zombies, you will be serving rays of sunshine! Share some new insight with someone, be captivating, have so much positivity that it can’t be ignored.

During the afternoon, put on some dancing shoes and mimic your favorite music video or sing your heart out your favorite Taylor Swift song.

Monday nights are usually spent meal prepping. Cook for an hour and eat for the rest of the week. It saves you a ton of time and money! (For more on my meal prepping strategies, follow up with me on every Monday to see what concoctions I’m going to try from Stumble Upon) :]

Happy Mondays Everyone!

❤ R.G.

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