Face Your Fears Fridays – How to overcome your biggest fears

face fears

Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity.. Do not misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice.” – Will Smith, After Earth.

Try something you’re afraid of doing. Whether that’s public speaking, climbing to new heights, or starting that Youtube channel you’ve been talking about, there is no better time than now to face your fears! Afterall, it’s only a product of your imagination.

There are 2 ways you could deal with FEAR: either f*ck everything and run or you can Face Everything And Rise.

If you’re anything like me, public speaking freaks me out.  You could try taking classes for that or if you have brilliant ideas, but have no idea how to make them happen, look up a Hack-a-thons near you. These are 48 hr contests where you pitch your idea for 30 seconds to a group of developers and business savvy people and if they like it, they will vote for your idea, and you all form a team and for a weekend, develop your idea into reality. There are usually cash prizes to help take your idea into fruition as well as other services like hotdesks at a shared space.

I recently did this and it was such a huge relief. (It was more like my boyfriend James pushed me in the shark infested waters and I had to swim for dear life, but I’m so glad he did). He and I have had this idea for an app and he entered in this Hack-a-thon and I thought I was just there for moral support, but on the last Saturday night at 3am when I went to go pick him up from the event, he got in the car to announce that WE would be pitching it tomorrow. I started to panic when he tried to console me saying he’s already written the script, that we only had 3 minutes and we would be fine. He told me the premise of it which was around social media and Kylie Jenner and I knew at that moment, I could go on for further than 3min. Whew.

Here is a pic of me and him on that day.



If you wanna take a more subtle approach like making a YouTube video doing a tutorial of some sort (by creating one video, you could become a YouTube Partner, and make some YouTube $$)

If you’re not into being that extreme, just try going on a hike at a new trail (there are tons of waterfall hikes around GA here is a link) try a new recipe at home or a new entree at your favorite restaurant. Just get out of your comfort zone.

Growth is never by mere chance. It is a result of forces working together” – James Cash Penny.

So go fck your fears in the face!

– Rice God.

Tell me about a time where you faced one of your fears and rose in the comments ❤

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