Herro World! Welcome to Daily RICE Life: a Lifestyle Guide for the Busy and Motivated.

rice life

Ever wanted to improve your lifestyle, make your day more productive, and bring overall more purpose and joy into your life? Have no fear, RICE GOD is here! RICE GOD stands for Real Innovative Circle of Entrepreneurs Giving Only Delight. I am here on behalf of the Universe to bring you some delightful insight to you. Make the most out of everyday by following along with my journey as I try to figure out my own life. I’ve outlined a pretty darn productive and awesome week for us and if we can repeat it 4x, then by the end of the month, we will have some momentum to get us creating new tiny habits that will help enhance our lifestyles. Grab a beautiful pen and pad because our lives are going to change forever and we’re going to want to document it all 🙂

With tons of insights,

-Rice God ❤

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