How to Set Yourself Up for Success this Lunar New Year in 2020: 9 Simple Do’s and Don’ts to Ensure a Sweet and Prosperous Year

If you’re like most of us and you haven’t followed up with any of your goals and resolutions, or this year has been off to a rough start, then consider January your “trial month,” because us Asians got you covered! The Lunar New Year will be on Saturday January 25th and no, you don’t have... Continue Reading →

5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Plastic Waste

For the month of #PlasticFreeJuly, I joined the movement to refuse single use plastics and I want you to do the same too! Whether it be picking one of the top items such as straws, water bottles, takeaway coffee cups, or grocery bags, every little bit of effort helps or you can really challenge yourself... Continue Reading →

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